Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Road Trip Stop 1: Maine

As we approach our second wedding anniversary, I'm reminded of the road trip my husband and I took out East last summer - and also of the fact that I have yet to post ANY photos or posts from the trip as promised in my earlier blog (See: And So Begins Our Adventure). So here we go!

Matt picked me up from work and we headed straight for Montreal to stay with my grandparents for the night (nothing like a free pit stop!). The drive was pretty uneventful, minus a few close-calls with Quebec transport truck drivers on the 401. I'm telling you - watch out for those guys. Next stop? Maine.

We were blessed with amazing weather all throughout our time in Maine. The sun was shining, the views were breathtaking, and it was the perfect start to our 10-day road trip across Eastern Canada. We had a place booked to spend the night but, other than that, we just went where the road took us. If something looked interesting, we stopped and explored. It was really nice not having a plan or schedule!

We stumbled across this little gem right when we needed to. We were tired from hours of driving, in desperate need of a stretch (and a washroom break), and craving fresh air and sunshine. It was this adorable little picnic area tucked into the woods off the side of the road. We had the place to ourselves and it was the perfect time to eat our packed lunches and go for a little stroll along the stream. We found a little waterfall during our explorations too.

As we continued to our next pit-stop, we saw a sign pointing to a look-out point a few miles away. We drove over this little rickety bridge, into the forest, and discovered this strange rock structure that you could climb up for a nice view of Maine. We then followed some of the other signs further up the mountain. It seemed to go on forever - but it was so worth it at the top. The views were stunning! It was so surreal driving down the mountain too, soaking in all the views around you. Definitely a highlight.

Once we had settled into our accommodations for the night, we decided to explore Bar Harbour. It was a short distance away and turned out to be an adorable town right on the ocean, full to the brim of quaint little shops and trendy restaurants. Matt was particularly fond of the above item in one of the stores ^

After our night on the town in Bar Harbour, we stumbled across an ice cream parlour and mini-put course on the way back to the place we were staying. Matt couldn't take his eyes off the mini-put course. I told him, "I'll only play if the course is less than $5 each. We should save our money for the rest of the trip." I was pretty convinced that it was going to be more than 5 bucks, but we decided to check it out. On our way in, a couple who had just finished playing stopped us and said "Do you want this token for a free round of mini-golf? We can't use it." I just looked at Matt and laughed. Turns out admission was $9 per person. Including the token, that worked out to exactly $4.50 each - JUST under the $5 limit. We had a great time and it was the perfect way to close off our first full-day on the road. Next stop? New Brunswick!


  1. I'm always a sucker for mini golf! It's a lot of fun (: Looks like a fun time so far, what great pictures!!!

    1. Yeah I'm glad Matt pushed me to play with him - definitely would have been missing out!!