Saturday, January 5, 2013

MyStory Campaign 2012

What do you crave? 

The following post was transferred from one of my previous blogs (posted March 2012):

I was challenged by Power to Change Students to share my story online. At first, I was terrified by the idea of being so vulnerable in front of so many people. But, as I started to think about it, I began to realize how incredible it is that God has uniquely crafted each one of our stories. And, not even that, He has placed people into our lives that are going to be touched and impacted by our stories in ways that cannot be achieved by anyone else.

My story talks about my craving for approval and  how I tried to gain fulfillment of that craving through things of this world. Even when it seemed as though I was getting that approval I was looking for - it was always temporary. There is only one source of approval that never fails... and that is Jesus Christ. Even when I was actively turning away from Him, He loved me. It serves as a constant reminder that it is through Christ alone that I am made righteous - nothing I do can change the fact that I am a sinner and deserve separation from God. This love is beyond anything I can comprehend.

It is my prayer that this story will impact you in some way - that God will use it for His glory. I thank Him for giving me this unique story and am grateful for this opportunity to share it with you!

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