Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Growing up, I was part of the Catholic Church and had always been pretty involved in different youth groups and ministries- but I did it all out of obligation. I felt as though, by believing in God and going to church, I would be considered a “good” person. Looking back now, I realize that I was completely missing the point. When I came to university three years ago, I was so overwhelmed by the sudden freedom I had. I surrounded myself with people that lived by the motto “we’re young, let’s go crazy!” and, by my second year, I had bought into all of those worldly lies. I became so immersed in this new lifestyle of drinking and partying that I had completely pushed God right out of the picture. It was at this low point- a slave to sin with no strength to overcome it on my own- that God grabbed hold of me.

This past May, just as I finished 2nd year and came home from university for the summer, a friend sent me a link to a website where you can have a conversation with a random person from anywhere in the world. I was connected to David- a 23 year old man from Connecticut who, just 4 years ago, had become a Christian, found his wife, and was now studying theology. He shared his story with me and I was instantly able to relate to how he had been feeling before he found Christ. I ended up pouring everything on my heart out to him and it really opened my eyes to how much my lifestyle had been hurting me. I realized that nothing I was doing was going to keep me fulfilled but only continue to leave me feeling more and more empty. I wanted to change, but I just didn't know how. God worked through David that night to open my eyes to the truth- to cast light on my sinfulness and show me that I was in desperate need of a saviour- that I needed Jesus. That night, after talking to this complete stranger for almost 4 hours, I accepted Christ into my life.

Throughout the summer, God completely transformed me and my way of thinking. Looking back, I can’t even recognize the person I once was. Instead of being driven by worldly desires, I am driven by a new desire to know God more personally and to live completely for Him. It reminds me 2 Corinthians 5: 17: "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come". David continued to disciple me after our first conversation, and we still continue to talk today. God’s timing is perfect. After crossing paths with David in May, I had the next 4 months of summer to spend in relative solitude so that I could work on strengthening my relationship with God before returning to school in September. Since then, I have been blessed with a supportive family and many new friendships through Campus for Christ and am so thankful that God has placed these encouraging people in my life. I’m now committed to live my life completely for His glory.

I was reading through the first conversation between David and I the other day and I came across the prayer David prayed for me that night over the internet- undeniable evidence that God answers our prayers:

Stranger: Lord Jesus, Holy Father, I lift up my new friend Steph to you. God, I thank you for the mighty ways you move. You brought us together on a website with over 6000 people on it, and you set this appointment up...you are so glorious the way you work. Jesus, we give you praise and thank you for your perfect and unending love. God, we receive you into our lives and grant you the authority to be our king, our lord, our saviour, and our friend. Fill us with the Holy Spirit, and give us new life and a new birth. Wash us clean from our sin Jesus; give us your blood that cleanses us. Jesus, just help us overcome the temptations this world has to offer. I pray that you move in her life, rock her world God!!! Just turn it upside down for your glory so that she can go back to school a changed woman!!!!! God may it be a glorious testimony to your faithfulness!! Amen

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