Thursday, June 13, 2013

Creative Outlet Casting Call

Creative outlet. It's an interesting term. The word outlet is defined as an opening or vent permitting escape or release or a means for release or expression of emotion and creative energy. It's curious that as human beings we naturally desire an outlet - a way to express our innermost thoughts and emotions. For some people, that outlet is obvious - whether it be photography, sports, music, art, writing, singing - some people are drawn towards one particular means of escape and expression... and they're usually pretty great at it too. For others though, finding that creative outlet is not as simple.

I've had many things peak my interest at one point in my life or another - writing, painting, singing, piano, photography. But I just don't seem to have that one "thing" that I keep going back to. I'm not saying that people need to be confined to having just one "creative outlet" - but I want to be able to take something and really dedicate myself to the art of it. I can't tell you how many times I've said things like "I'm going to take up scrapbooking!" or "I'm going to get really into photography!" or "I'm going to write a fiction novel!" - and yet, low and behold, here I am... sitting comfortably in the middle of everything and not able to commit.

I think that says a lot about who I am as a person. My mind seems to contain an unlimited expanse of possibilities but, when it comes to actually bringing those things to fruition, I'm somewhat...lacking. I tend to bounce from one thing to another in an attempt to figure out "who I am" and what my "thing" is.

I guess for now, I can stick to blogging. It seems to be one of the easiest and non-committal outlets out there - a tad more realistic than some of my other options like getting into painting or mastering an instrument. From there, I'm going to explore one thing at a time and blog about my experiences! Thanks for joining me for the ride :)

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